Jade Rolling 101

Jade rolling has been used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine, but in the last several years it has gained a lot of traction in the beauty industry. Some of the amazing benefits of jade rolling include lymphatic drainage, decreasing puffiness, and promoting blood circulation. One of my favorite tricks is to store my jade roller in the freezer to maximize its benefits. The cool roller promotes skin contraction and further helps decrease edema.

Technique is important when using your jade roller. As shown in the diagram above, the idea is to start inward and move outwards and up—think lifting rather than moving it downwards. This helps tighten and lift the skin. When used properly jade rolling is also beneficial for improving and preventing wrinkles.

Steps //

  1. Always cleanse the skin prior to jade rolling. Clean skin helps reduce acne, clogged pores, and the spreading of bacteria.

  2. Apply your favorite oil generously to the face and neck. Make sure it’s a non-clogging oil.

  3. Begin jade rolling. I usually do about two minutes on each side of the face and two minutes on my neck. (reference the diagram above until you get the hang of it).

Jade rolling is a simple and relaxing step to incorporate in your AM + PM routine. It's a great way to show your skin some TLC and make your routine feel luxurious!

Written by Cheyenne Rubens

// XO Brand Manager and Holistic Nutritionist

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