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Boost Your Immunity

In light of the current situation we wanted to offer some tips and tricks for keeping your immunity in top notch condition. It’s extremely important to keep up with general hygiene such as washing your hands and not touching your face, but what else can you do? We listed some of our favorite holistic remedies that are widely available at your local health food store and online.

Chlorophyll // Chlorophyll has many amazing benefits, especially when pertaining to the immune system. It not only stimulates the immune system but it aids the body in eliminating harmful fungus. It also has been shown to detoxify blood in the body, clean intestines, rid the body of bad odors and be preventative towards cancer.

some of our favorite ways to incorporate Chlorophyll —

+ Add 1 TBSP of chlorophyll into your smoothie

+ Chlorophyll Lemonade. A simple blend of water, lemons, sweetener of choice and 1 TBSP on chlorophyll

+ Add a small amount to your salad dressing

+ Add a small amount to your morning matcha or elixir

Elderberry // Elderberry is one of the most used holistic treatments and is extremely beneficial for the immune system. It has been around for many years and has been widely used by numerous cultures including Native Americans and Europeans.

+ High in Vitamin C

+ Great source of Phenolic Acids. Powerful antioxidants that help reduce damage from oxidative stress in the body.

+ Rich in Anthocyanin’s. These compounds are strong antioxidants with anti-inflammatory effects.

Echinacea // Echinacea comes from the daisy family and is one of the most common herbal treatments for the cold and flu. Most of echinacea’s benefits come from that fact that it’s extremely high in antioxidants which are effective in fighting + preventing compromises to the immune system such as colds.

how to incorporate echinacea into your routine —

+ Echinacea tea

+ Echinacea tinctures, which can be added to any liquid such as water or juice.

Ginger // Ginger is an extremely important antiviral + antibacterial root that should be incorporated into everyones daily routine. It’s effective in aiding the immune system or easing flu symptoms.

incorporating ginger—

+ Ginger, lemon, honey and cayenne tonic. Simmer all ingredients in a pot with several cups of water for 2-3hrs on low. The longer you allow the remedy to simmer the more potent it will be. Consume warm or bottle and store in fridge.

+ Add ginger root to your morning smoothie.

+ Shave fresh ginger and incorporate it into your salad, bowl or stew.

Water // Water is often overlooked but is the most crucial step in aiding the immune system, especially during flu season. The general rule of thumb is to consume half of our body weight in oz. as your daily intake. It’s recommended to double down on that amount especially during times like this. Quality of water is also important for insuring you’re getting all of the benefits and nutrients necessary.

brands we love —

+ Mountain Valley

+ Voss

+ Fiji Water

Other remedies for boosting immunity //

Bone Broth + Fresh Fruits and Vegetables + Aloe Vera Juice + Apple Cider Vinegar + Meditation + Yoga + Lower Stress

Disclaimer: These are general health tips and is not a supplement for professional medical care and recommendations.  Please consult your doctor before attempting new routines, supplements, and changes to your medications.

Sources -

Written by Cheyenne Rubens

//Certified Holistic Nutritionist

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